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Vastu shastra is not only a spiritual system but also a scientific design system that evolved in India between 6,000 and 3,000 BC. Vastu means energy, and Vaastu is the matter created when that energy takes form including the space that fills the form.

According to Vastu Shastra, there are invisible energy lines that run like a large grid across the Earth from North to South and from East to West. The electromagnetic field thus generated affects the human body at the cellular level and controls the organs of the human body. It is believed that when a structure is placed on Earth, the equilibrium is affected because the physical structure causes a break in the electomagnetic field. Hence this equilibrium needs to be restored so that the the cosmic energy or Prana (read electromagnetic energy) flows harmoniously through the building as well as around it.

It is surprising that the Vastu pundits of ancient times knew of this 'life-force' and so, "Prana" or the cosmic energy was considered an important Vaastu factor and taken into account while designing buildings. One of the goals of Vaastu in designing, is to restore balance between the building structure and the cosmos because when buildings echo the underlying cosmic principles, they vibrate in harmony with the universe and these vibrations affect the inmates in a positive way creating peace, prosperity and contentment in their lives.

Vastu Shastra takes into account the various natural energies which are available free of cost on the Earth and in the atmosphere. Some of them are Solar Energy from Sun, Lunar Energy from Moon, Earth Energy, Sky Energy, Electric Energy, Magnetic Energy, Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Light Energy, Cosmic Energy.

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Astro Vastu is the branch of occult science where Astro charts planets its makes correlations with directions. Each zodiac sign has a relationship with a particular direction. Among the nine planets, A specific direction is also ruled by each planet of Vedic astrology. Astro Vastu decoded such a connection between vastu and individual birth charts.

While vastu shastra gives us information about our lucky directions that can aid in positive energy, numerology gives us the numbers behind those directions which obviously bring more luck and prosperity to the residents of any particular household.